Physical Therapy in Delaware


Thanks to its strategic location at the midpoint of the east coast, Delaware has long been a hub of business and industry. Its location also makes it an ideal place for physical therapy, as many workers in the state have jobs that require heavy physical labor and a high degree of flexibility. In addition, Delaware is home to many residential areas, making it a popular choice for retirement communities. Given these factors, it is no surprise that there are so many amazing physical therapy clinics in Delaware.

At these clinics, experts work tirelessly to help patients overcome injuries or chronic conditions, using techniques like massage and rehabilitation exercises to reduce pain and boost mobility. Whether you are an active professional or a senior looking to stay independent in your golden years, you can find the support and guidance you need from one of the wonderful physical therapists in Delaware. So if you are struggling with tension headaches or persistent back pain, be sure to seek out one of these trusted professionals today. You will not regret it!

1.University of DelawareAccredited

University of Delaware

Phone+1 302.831.8910
Address540 South College Avenue
STAR Health Sciences Complex – Suite 210
Newark DE 19713, United States

The University of Delaware is one of the top Physical Therapy Schools in Delaware. They offer an accredited degree in this field, which can be extremely helpful when it comes to furthering your career. The school has a great reputation and is known for producing high-quality graduates. If you’re looking for a top-notch education in physical therapy, the University of Delaware is definitely worth considering.

Typical Hybrid DPT Programs Available to Delaware Students

School NameTypeLive ClassesOn-Campus RequirementsTime to Complete
Arcadia University HybridYesUnspecified2 years
Baylor University HybridSomeTwice per semester2 years
Nova Southeastern University HybridSomeEvery 4th week4 years
South College HybridNoQuarterly2 years
Tufts UniversityHybridSomeEight visits2 years
University of Southern California HybridYesUp to twice per semester3 years
University of St. Augustine HybridSomeTwice per month4 years


Physical therapy is an essential tool in the treatment and recovery of a wide range of injuries and conditions. In Delaware, physical therapists are highly trained professionals who understand how the body moves, and they use this knowledge to provide targeted treatments that have been proven to be effective. Whether someone is recovering from a sports injury, dealing with long-term chronic pain, or just wants to improve their overall fitness levels, a visit to a physical therapist could be the right choice. So if you’re looking for quality care and proven results, consider turning to physical therapy in Delaware!

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